3 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

For most people, getting a dog is good enough. The fact that they have managed to get a dog to bring home should be enough. They have done their part so he dog can start to do its own. While this may seem like a simple process to you, getting a dog to come home is not the only thing you will have to do if you intend to enjoy your stay with the dog.

Dogs are nice pets and are very loyal and loving. Nevertheless, do not forget that they are animals and like other animals they are not expected to behave like humans. However, they can be given dog training that helps improve on their behaviour. If you ever saw a dog and thought it was well behaved, then this dog may have gone through some type of training. Many people wonder why they should train their dog when, according to them, the dogs are already well behaved. However, unless your dog goes through training, it will be hard for you to determine what well behaved in a dog means.

Helps in building a relationship with the dog

Through training you can create a relationship with your dog which you could not have created by any other means. To achieve such relationship status through training, positive training instead of punitive training should be used. Punitive training involves trying to train the dog by using punishment. This can be physically and psychologically damaging to the dog. However, in positive training, reward is used to salute the dog’s good behavior. This is a better form of training for dogs.

Helps to teach the dog essential life skills

Although dogs are considered domestic, this does not necessarily mean that they are very comfortable living in a human setting. When a dog is uncomfortable, it may result to certain irritating behavior like unnecessary barking or uncontrolled chewing. Through proper training, the dog can be taught how o behave in within the human environment. For the training to be successful, the dog should be prepared for success. This usually requires having a good understanding of your dog’s temperament and current behavior.
Helps with problematic behavior

Most dog owners will punish their dog for behaving badly. However, most times the fault is the owners’ as the poor behavior may be as a result of poor training. It is therefore necessary to spend time teaching the dog little skills that helps it to be at its best behavior at all times.

There was a time when training a dog was looked upon as something for the rich. Today however, pet owners now appreciate better why their pets should be trained. While it is possible to use punitive training for pets, positive training is highly recommended.

Your Cat And The Carrier

Cats we all know are very strange creatures. Most of them have superiority complexes and consider themselves even above humans. So naturally traveling for them is on the list of the many things they dislike. Well w present to you with some tips on everything related to cat carriers. How to buy them and how to get the cat to actually travel in it.

Firstly, picking a carrier. The best bet is to pick a carrier which is not heavy but yet strong. A basket or with a removable top is the most suitable carrier as it allows for the cate to be lowered in rather have to coerced in. make sure the carrier is big enough for the cat to be comfortable but also moveable. Once you have chosen the cat transporter, use either line it with either newspaper or special thermal linen which is available at your local pet shop or vet clinic. This linen absorbs any substance allowing for your cat to travel dry and comfortably despite having an accident.

Now that you have chosen your cat transporter, now let us tell you how to get your feline to actually use it. At first your at won’t give two hoots about the carrier so you’ll have to make it appealing to them. You could start by serving your cat’s meals in the carrier. Remember though not to close the crate. You need to familiarise your cat with the carrier and the only way to do that is by showing it as a good thing. You can use the special treats for positive reinforcement and place them in the carrier. This way your cat will start to regard the carrier as a good thing and be more comfortable with it. 

Now your cat might be comfortable with the carrier but doesn’t mean that the journey will a walk in the park, so be prepared for any mood of your cat. Pack about 4 to 6 snacks, plenty of water and enough treats to keep them happy. Most people ask why they shouldn’t simply sedate their cat during long journeys but the thing with sedation is there might be a possibility that the sedation will not be powerful enough to cover the whole journey and if your cat wakes up mid-journey then chances are it’ll be crankier and restless. So you can choose to sedate, but you always have the risk. Cats by nature re very fussy creature but when you have to travel, you have to travel. In the unfortunate event that you do have to travel with your cat, then these tips should help you not get scratched, much.

Effectiveness of Snake Repellent


Animals are often viewed as friends of the human race that mean no harm to humans unless provoked or instigated. This might be true and often we call domesticated animals like dogs and cats as our four-legged friends but this not hold true for all animals. Imagine the presence of pests and snakes in your background or around your house.

It can be quite a safety concern and even though your intention is not to harm or kill the snakes but you have to think of ways to repel them and keep them at bay by using snake deterrents. Many might argue that snakes are of advantage to the garden but there are equal number of reasons that support them being equally harmful to homeowners such that apprehensive homeowners have to think of all possible ways to keep them away by removing those things that tend to invite snakes into gardens and backyards.

There are a number of snake deterrents available in the market to keep the reptiles away from your living space. But before considering repellents it is wise to know a few preventative practices that discourage the reptiles from appearing:

• As they say preventative method is the best form of repellent, the measures that can be employed is to keep the yard and the surrounding area free of any kind of debris and piles of leaves because debris in an area provides food and shelter to snakes, which needs to be discouraged. 

• Long grass also attracts snakes as they can slither without being spotted by predators. Therefore long grass should be mowed immediately and avoided at all costs.

• Another measure is to seal and close any holes that remain open and which lead into the house since these holes increase the chances of snakes getting in. Snakes are also drawn to water sources at the ground level so those need to be avoided too.
Other physical methods that can help prevent reptiles by posing a physical barrier is a fence around the house that goes underground by at least a foot. This snake proof fencing prevents snakes from entering from ground level areas. Physical traps can also be used to trap the snakes and they can then be relocated to an area which is far away from human habitat or even professional trappers or animal welfare activists can be called.

There are other snake repellents too such as sonic snake repellers which are known to emit sound waves that are not audible to humans but can ward of snakes by their sound. Any machine that creates vibrations scares off snakes since they move via sensing vibrations. Other chemicals like sulphur and moth balls have been used to ward off snakes but their efficacy is questionable.

Things To Remember When Commuting With Your Canine Buddy

Traveling with your dogs can be a wonderful experience especially if you are visiting and exploring a new place together. Even then, the ride may often prove to be very cumbrous not just because of the additional expenses but also because there are certain rules and statutory laws that must be followed to ensure the overall welfare of animals. Also, your dog will definitely need extra care and you as the owner needs to be very vigilant especially around children and other animals. Here are a few things to remember when commuting with your dog.

Domestic Travel by bus
To avoid accidents (such as your dog biting or escaping), it is suggested to put your dog in a crate or carrier. This will also make it easier for any other pet transport (another taxi ride or a long walk) that would be necessary to reach your destination. In some countries, it is illegal to put dogs under the luggage compartment of the bus. To prevent this from happening, ask the bus company beforehand to know their rules regarding the accommodation of pets. Also, prepare to pay an extra amount of money when traveling by bus. The bus company might require you to buy an extra ticket especially if you want to sit beside your dog.

Domestic Travel by Plane
Before looking for a flight schedule, make inquiries with the airline if they are capable of accommodating live animals like the one you plan on bringing with you. Inform them of the size and weight of the animal. Also, ask where they will off load your dog after the pet transport. It could either be at the baggage conveyor belt or at other places like a cargo building at the destination. If you do not already have one, buy a hard shell crate with steel bolts to make sure that the top and bottom shells stay together. Provide our dog a bowl of water inside, but do not feed your dog four hours prior to the flight. This will minimize bowel movements and vomiting during the flight. Also, do not forget to always bring with you your dog’s veterinary records that will show updated vaccines for rabies.

International Travel by Plane
To avoid any unexpected documents from being left behind, ask ahead of time for the requirements in the country you will be visiting. It is also important to contact your preferred airlines for their specific policies and requirements about international travels with a pet. Lastly, you may need to secure an export permit depending on the laws within your area. Guidelines on domestic travels by plane also apply on international ones.

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